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Company formation and administrative
issues in the Czech Republic

Between the years 2005-2017 we have served the business needs of the clients from all over the Europe and the world. List of our clients includes citizens of almost every European country, USA, Australia, India, New Zealand and South Africa. We are offering close personal approach to every client and above pure company formation we are ready to help you in all steps of your new business in Czech Republic.

Due to its central position in European Union and neighboring countries with strong a stable economy the Czech Republic has become economically strongest country in post soviet block.

Doing business from Prague means to be only few hours away from centers like Berlin, Vienna, Budapest, Munich or Bratislava. Accessible easily either by motorway, air transport or by train the Czech Republic is ideal place for your all-European business activities.

We offer you individual approach, professional business and tax consulting and above all fast and efficient solutions in dealing with famous Czech administration.

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